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– Selina, I do not want to hear it.

– Leon, do not be so.

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You’re talking to me, Selina. I’m your lover was all the last three years. Do not make a fool out of me.

At Bi breath; closing hand to her mouth, she struggled to hold back her sobs stifled.

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– It is easy to pretend that I did not notice. Maria Nice woman.

– So far I have not noticed it, and I doubt that love to host it ever extend to his wife.

– I’m sorry, that Julio upset you. But every judge in the extent of their depravity.

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– I think in the case of Jenny’s true. Note, because it does not have any holes. – She pointed to a curved painted lips.

Lionel turned his head dolls, looked at her face, nodded and said:

– That’s right.

– You know, if she was a real woman … – early Essie.

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– Do not you dare – Luke warned her.

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He seemed to read her thoughts.

When they arrived at Connet Square, it got worse. Father congratulated her, saying:

– Thank God you were able to overcome their differences.

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– Do not think. But it would be necessary to Moscow for a day to go to just to make sure.

– My friend, he will go mad with happiness!

– I hope so. And then I almost went mad from misfortune.

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- Oh, oh, you’re choking me, Walter.

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