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– Fair enough. – Lionel could not help but admire her assertiveness.

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Unfortunately, because of this, he was even more difficult to resist her.

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But getting into the bargain kingdom – it is worth the risk.

– But where’s the romance? – John laughed. – Are you always stock up footnotes when reading children stories?

– No. – Her voice sounded strange. – I give them a dream.

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– The reasons for your …

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– We are with you barely know – tried to wriggle out of the woman replied.

– Oh, Mary, – said reproachfully Conrad – think up something more convincing.

– Is it true?

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– What can we do? Let’s go to the bathroom.

Luke groaned.

– What, again?

Sarah thought for a moment.

– I came up with.

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You bathe … – Luke frowned, and Sarah took his chin – and then have dinner …

– And? ..

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