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– No I have no lover – quietly said Rebecca.

– If I’m wrong, correct me. My inner voice says that if you do not have a lover, it means that you come to himself after breaking the previous relationship.

– And my inner voice tells me it’s time to go to bed.

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Landed among the open fields, away from home, so no one they do not interfere.

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Cooked dinner, ate, drank wine.

Lovers took the time everyone knew: in front – a night of love. After admiring the splendor of the sunset, they drew the curtains.

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Kate finished, out of breath.

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Linda looked at her and said, raising his eyebrows, “Wow. So now do you like the taste of semen as well?”

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He did not let her finish:

– Emma prepared a cake. Especially for you.

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She was hoping you would come. The girl tried very hard.

– Pie? – Marian repeated helplessly.

– Yes, lemon cake, cake mix. God knows that, of course, but children should be like.

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