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– It does not take much time – Marian said with hope.

– Well, then, let’s go. Hopefully, the kids are asleep. Entering the house, they heard Emma’s crying.

– I want Daddy! I want Mae Marian! – Wailing girl.

In Marian’s heart sank and anxiety squeezed his chest.

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– That’s right you know.

– Have you tried to call Carly or Ross?

– No. – He was too busy thinking about Sarah to call her sister, as he did every evening. – And this is the idea, Troy! – He said, rushing to the phone.

At Russ Daniel found out that Carly invited Sarah lunch at a local restaurant.

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Before common sense could stop his rush, he grabbed her by the arm. When their eyes met, he said:

– Stop seduce me, Essie.

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And, look, do not make a mistake, considering me as a good guy.

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