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“Then I told him that I want him to be finished me right in the mouth. He really was close to orgasm, and I pulled his dick out of his mouth. I opened my mouth as wide as possible and began stroking his cock up and down. I felt that he began to tremble.

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– You seem to be mentioned, that on some fateful coincidence, too, decided to quit a good job to devote himself to painting? By the way, who do you work, I ask just for fun?

She pondered whether to tell him, but came to the conclusion that the more open it is, the more likely it is to fall behind her.

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Natasha giggled:

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Tracy gritted her teeth.

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– Senor! – Came to Mary and her voice loud knock on the bedroom door.

Tracy barely got up, went to the bedroom and put on a bathrobe, staggering, came to the door.

– Just called Senor Henriquez.

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