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– No, but I could not find her necklace. Do not worry, I’ll find next time.

John handed Marian check.

– See you on Friday?

– All right.

He paused in the doorway.

– And by the way, what do you think about the game?

– I liked it. It’s more interesting than baseball.

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John did not answer right away, while learning the woman frown.

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Then his lips trembled a little.

– I understand your question, but failure is not very pleasant.

– I would not want to feel like a soccer ball – apologetically explained Marian.

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Olga’s language to take away from the surprise. Its not so much shocked by this order, how many vocabulary classy lady.

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– In other words, you hired me to have someone to take care of your daughter, because you did not want to do that.

– I do not want? – A man stepped forward, his eyes narrowed. – What do you mean, what the hell?

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